More new tunes, thoughts on the album

Aight, there's more new stuff.  "Come on Down" is up under MP3s.  This will likely be the first song on the upcoming (hahaha hah ha aa ugghh) album.

There are two new videos of me and Ken up - one of children's songs we wrote, and one that's too "philosophy class" to be a good joke and too "jokey" to be good in philosophy class.  But still I think it's one of my best songs.  And so is Come on Down, for that matter.  And Ken's "Milk Monster" is infectious and hilarious.  This turned out to be a good update.

Got one more musician I'm gonna add to some songs, and then I'm for real done recording this album.  New plan for releasing it (hahaha hah ha aa ugggh) is winter.  

Tentative tracklist:

1) Come on Down
2) The Writing on the Wall
3) I Just Wanna Know Her Name
4) Practice Makes Perfect
5) Ow
6) Sometimes Sadness is Exactly What I Need
7) You Made a Fool Out of Me
8) I'll Eat All the Pie
9) Melissa
10) Songs to Make Love to Your Boyfriend By
11) The One Who Got Away