Updated mix for "I Just Want to Know Her Name"

This week I got really lucky.  Audio wizard Andrew Berlin (of the Blasting Room) came over to my dinky basement studio and helped me mix "I Just Want to Know Her Name" for 3 hours.  He showed me all kinds…


More new tunes, thoughts on the album

Aight, there's more new stuff.  "Come on Down" is up under MP3s.  This will likely be the first song on the upcoming (hahaha hah ha aa ugghh) album.

There are two new videos of me and Ken up -…


New video and new MP3

New stuff!  Got a video up for "The Evil Queen of the Garden Center", and an MP3 up for "I'll Eat All the Pie".  The MP3 is a full band version, unlike the solo version that's been on Youtube for…


Updated recording for Practice Makes Perfect

I just added a new recording for Practice Makes Perfect.  This one is sounding pretty lush now!  Jesse Bates came over and recorded pedal steel, and Annie Sklar recorded vocals.  There's also Liz Gaylor on violin, Jessica Hazlett on cello…


New songs and updated mixes

Got some new tunes and updated mixes of old tunes up.  Ryan Pontillas and Annie Sklar came by and recorded on a bunch of tracks.  

The new tracks are Writing on the Wall, Bad Legal Advice, and I Just…


A gig!

I'm in a songwriter's club with three other guys, John Sam and Dennis.  Every month or two we pick a theme or artist and each of us learns a  related cover and writes a song.  It's been good for keeping…


New tunes!

It's been about two years since my first post, and going by my standard automotive oil change schedule, it must be time for a new one.  So here it is.

There are new things!  Notably, MP3s of "The One…


Post #1

I have a website!  Right now there isn't much as far as content goes, but boy does this thing look pro.  It used to be that you had to either know html, be skilled at using a web design package…