Post #1

I have a website!  Right now there isn't much as far as content goes, but boy does this thing look pro.  It used to be that you had to either know html, be skilled at using a web design package, or use Geocities.  And then they got rid of Geocities.

Content wise, I've uploaded a few mp3s and videos of songs that I'm working on.  They'll be on a record that should come out some time next year.  None of them are "done" at this point, but I'm getting sick of waiting for myself to pronounce things "done".  So, I'm now using "good enough" as my threshold for putting songs up on the internet.  This might serve as motivation for getting them finished, and it also gives me a reason to make a webpage.  Because sooner or later someone was going to snatch up "".  

Between the two, I'd guess later.  

One word about the name of this page... "The Guardians of Earthly Delight" was supposed to the be title of an album for a band I played bass in a while back called The Little Darlings.  The record was never released - hopefully one day it see the light of day, because it is very good.  Our frontman, Theo Williamson, came up with the title.  I asked him nicely if I could steal it and he said yes.  Thanks Ted!